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 10 Questions: Josh Sherman

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10 Questions: Josh Sherman

1. Are you a cheese-head?

(Laughter) By that do you mean I love to drink beer, watch football games, claim my beer-belly is bigger than yours, and say eh? Not really but I'm I've been known to eat a packet of cheese every now and then.

2. Do you have any hobbies outside of shredding, cheese-eater?

Yeah, I have a life besides snowboarding. I mean c’mon bro, I like to watch snowboard videos, draw snowboard tricks out with pen and paper, day dream about my next shred day, claim to girls about how sick I am, and read TransWorld SNOW (laughter). Seriously though. I'm a skating, drawing/designing, biking, cheese eatin’ kinda guy. I do all sorta stuff. I like to keep myself busy.

3. What’s the best thing about Wisconsin compared to Colorado?

My family is there. Everyone I grew up with is everywhere these days. So the best thing about Wisconsin is being around my roots—and it's the only state do get decent slice of cheese.

10 Questions: Josh Sherman Sherm2l8tj

4. How did you end up in Breck?

I started snowboarding at Tyrol Basin super young. I picked up a couple of sponsors and just stuck with it. Starting around thirteen, I would come stay in Breck for a month at a time. Around then, I met Chad Otterstrom, and Matt Peterson—those guys were huge influences on me.

So many mid west guys migrated here I had to make the move—the perfect park helps too. Right now we have a good mid west thing going on with guys like Casanova, Otterstrom, Peterson, and Dummer.

5. How has winter been treating you?

It’s been really fun. I went to Japan for the Nippon Open—that was a real culture shock. Japan is the shit, the girls are fascinated with you, and I'm normal height there.

6. Who’d you go out there with?

Mr. Ryan Thompson—who completely destroyed everything he rode, and completely owned karaoke—David Benedek, Jamie Anderson, and Salomon Team Manager Alex Pashley, it was definitely a good crew.
Shermzilla's big in Japan.

7. I hear mushrooms are legal there as well. You ate mushrooms didn't you?

I didn't eat any mushrooms, but I was definitely tripping. Basically I'm saying Cheers to being single, seeing double, and sleeping triple! (Laughter)

8. It’s 4:20 right now, how do you feel about that?

It's 4:20? Uh ... gotta run.

9. What happened at the Bunny Ranch?

Oh shit—I was like sixteen, and on my way to Nationals. Passing through Vegas my buddies were all "Let’s stop at the Bunny Ranch!" So they went in while I stayed in the car. Then guy in charge asked them if I wanted to come in. Long story short I went in and and was greeted by this nasty plastic couch, with Japanese porn playing on the TV and then this crackhead-looking chick in the corner just chilling. I was scared for sure, and then it got worse. This lady tricked me into the room with her and started talking to me about crazy shit and prices. I was like a lost kid in the movie theaters—I got outta there as fast as my legs would carry me.

10. Very smooth, any summer plans?

Right now it's up in the air, I'm interested in coaching at HCSC so if Mr. Reynolds is reading this you should give me call! But mostly just skate, attempt surfing, and I’m go to Argentina for an Airblaster trip. Other than that, hang out with girls, just chill and enjoy summer.

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10 Questions: Josh Sherman
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